Friday, 3 July 2020

Design Task - Blue Whale

Measurement: Perimeter 2

Friday: Writing Task

One day me and my beautiful  friend temalisi  went on a trip to the deep ocean to find a blue whale. Temalisi was very excited to see if we could find a blue whale.

So we first put our togs on and then our flippers for our feet.After that we got in the boat and then we were going to start our journey to look for a blue whale .

So it started and we were just a couple more minutes away from the very very deep ocean.So when we were nearby the deep ocean i spotted a blue whale just swimming north of the deep ocean.

So when we got closer to the blue whale i decided  to jump in the water and swim with it.After i was in the water temalisi jumped in after me then we swam close  to the blue whale andi pet it the blue whale was so cool.

Then temalisi pet it  and then we went back in the boat and said goodbye because it was getting very dark so we went  in the boat  back home and went to bed.

Blue Whale Research

The Deep Sea

Blue Whale