Monday, 17 July 2017

Rainbows end

On Saturday it was my big sisters birthday. We went on the log flume and gold rush with my sisters and  her friends. Then me and my sister went on the big roller coaster and it was scary. Then we went on the little roller coaster in the kids kingdom. After that we went to AA drivers town. AA drivers town is where you drive your own little car. I went back with my sister to play on the rainbows end park.We had heaps of lollies and chocolate and went home. We did my sisters cake at my grand ma and grand pas house with her friends. After that we went back to my house and my sister opened her presents. We dropped her friends off home and went back home. I had a fun time at rainbows end.

Thursday, 13 July 2017

6 holiday

Hi everyone today i had lollies gum  and drinks  and popcorn then my family and me went to rainbow zend and went on the bumper cars. i went on a red one then we went on the roller coster and screamed then we went on the pirate ship and it was scary i vommited on the ship and cryied i had cake then for dinner we had meat balls again and had chips then went in bed .

Wednesday, 12 July 2017

5 th holiday

today was a great day i had gumball's and candy and pizza hut and drink's then my family and me went roller skating  and to the cheese cake shop to buy a cake for my cousin and Mc donald pancakes. then we had a party with my aunties and uncles and cousins we dressed up in vampire costumes. then we eat the cake it was yummy with rainbow sprinkles on top of the cake i loved the cake it tasted yummy so so so yummy then we had lunch burgers and some more drink's '. then we had cupcakes and tea and chocolate to then i had gum again  and made slime. then my family had chicken nuggetts and went to sleep .

Tuesday, 11 July 2017

4th holiday

Hi's  leonora here. today i had a great day.  i had sugar donuts and for lunch my family had pizza hut and drink's  and lollies and chocolate milk with cookies and tea then we went to jump to jump  on the trampoline with my cousins then we went to party and have some candy floss then we played hide and go seek tage in the dark and i got taged a lot then we had dinner and brushed ouw teeth and watched a movie the muumy it was scarey so scarey then we went to sleep and snored then i woke up and watched how to make gum.

Monday, 10 July 2017

1 st holiaday

yesterday me and my family went to burga king and had  cherro's and cream with a hot chocolate a went to the park on the monky bar's and went on the flying fox with one hand and i played with my pink sand and purpel then we had lunch candy and  7 up and lmp and some tost and butter and mango i got to mango's from my nana  sero  then we eat dinner egg's and tost and 7 up then we watched a movie wonder women then i mad slime but i put a song on mesage's then i danced and sang it with my mum  then we eat heps of chip's  and gum we stamped in the puddles and made slime with glue then we came back home in to my bed and snored then i woke up and then went back to sleep and snored

Leonora's Holidays!

Hi everyone it's Leonora  today me and my family went to mc.donalds. and had pancake's with a vanilla shake and whip cream  and chocolate with Lolies  high chew then we eat chkcin and  Rice with salad and meat. then we came home to eat something in the bargian box. and just Juce  and ice cream with cherros and chocolate sauce then we went to the playground i went on the flying fox  then i eat gum ball's then we eat pork meat ball's with potato's and rice then we watched despigile me 3 in my room  with mashmolo's then we brushed ouw teeth and went to sleep my mum and dad were stnoreing then i woke up and went on my mum's phone and watched slime and play doh then i falled asleep

Saturday, 3 June 2017

Museum Trip

Team 2 went to the Museum on Thursday as part of our Inquiry into Matariki. We met 2 teachers, Whaea Alisha and Whaea Jo. Whaea Alisha told us a story about the Tamoko (Maori tattoo) and how important you had to be to get a Tamoko. Maori Chiefs and warriors  are important in a Maori tribe and they had Tamoko. We all got to have a Tamoko on our faces for a day.